i.Lab at UVA Incubator 2016

1787fp, founded by Jean Borno (Darden Class of 2017), is for busy professionals who need to manage their finances, 1787fp offers cutting edge mobile and web technologies for financial planning, financial management, investment management, and insurance services. 1787fp helps professionals work toward financial independence and plan for a secure retirement. 

1Degree, founded by Sam Boochever (Darden Class of 2017) and Maximillian Huc (Darden Class of 2017), is an app that allows users to video chat directly with an influencer (celebrities, athletes, musicians, etc).  The influencer will create an auction and users can bid for time slots.  After the auction is complete, the Influencer can either keep or donate the proceeds to charity.

AgroSpheres, founded by Payam Pourtaheri (SEAS 16), Ameer Shakeel (SEAS 17), and Shaun Moshasha, is a novel product that degrades pesticides and makes the process of harvesting safer and more lucrative for wine producers.

Aquillous Tutoring, founded by Kane Thomas (SEAS 19) and Alex Williams (SEAS 19), is an online marketplace platform that connects college students who have scored in the top percentiles of the SAT/ACT with high school students in need of affordable one on one tutoring. Aquillous also plans to expand its marketplace model to other test prep areas such as AP tests, GRE, LSAT, and GMAT. 

Caterwell, founded by Dani Bchara (MBA ’16) and Neil Ferrini (MBA ’16), is a service that provides high quality lunch options to people at work and rewards them for choosing to eat healthy. By pairing great local restaurants with specific office locations each day, our platform sources the order volume restaurants need so they can bring great food with no delivery fees or order minimums.

Critical Flow, founded by Eric Lohan and Nate Nickerson, develops cost effective water reuse technologies that enable buildings, campuses and communities to reuse more water than they import.

Dovetail Digital Films, founded by Matt Rohdie, Stephen Brannan, and Carrie Hodgkins of Charlottesville, is a crowd sourced film production company that makes intimate professional films for weddings and other important life events. The footage at Dovetail events is taken by participants and guests on their own cell phones and cameras under professional direction, uploaded to our website, and edited by professional filmmakers.  Dovetail Digital Film redefines event video production.

Helme, founded by Brent Baumgartner (SEAS 16) and Koleman Nix (Col 16), is a SaaS for k-12 private schools that helps their heads budget well. Budget forecasts, analytics, dashboards, and visualizations all assist Helme's customers in the process of making and communicating sound financial decisions..

Holmes-McCall Biotechnologies (HMB), founded by Madison McCall (SEAS 16), develops solutions for individuals with developmental disorders, learning disabilities and mental illnesses by addressing four pillars of development: social and behavioral interaction, health and physical activity, education, and emotional regulation; in addition, HMB will offer solutions to clinicians and therapists diagnosing and monitoring individuals with these disorders.

Imbibe Solutions, founded by Gastronomical Chemist Audrey M. Reid, is a quality control laboratory for regional breweries, wineries, and distilleries. With options for in-house testing and individualized consulting, Imbibe Solutions aims to build personal relationships with local craft businesses.

Janus.io, founded by John Greenfield (MBA 16), Isaac Pomeraniac (MBA 16), and Alex Ksendzovsky (Col 17), is a data collection and visualization platform focused on radically improving the care of movement disorder patients by creating actionable insights for both patients and physicians.  Janus.io leverages existing technologies (smartphones, AWS, Tableau, among others) and couples those with novel and deep domain expertise in order to produce insights to guide clinical decisions and improve patient care.

Kombucha Biomaterials, founded by Shaun Moshasha (GSAS 14)  provides an environmentally friendly alternative to tree based paper.  By leveraging the power of synthetic biology, we are able to convert the waste byproduct of Kambucha fermentation into an economically valuable consumer good, all while saving the rain forest.

Local Nanny Network, founded by Lisa Skillman, provides premier on-site childcare for weddings and events. They create a safe, caring and fun environment for children, while giving parents the freedom to attend functions and enjoy their time away.

MyPallay, founded by Cristina Velez (Darden Class of 2017), is the sourcing destination that connects brands and designers in the apparel, home décor, and furniture industries to authentic artisan textiles. Unlike sourcing through trade shows, using consultants, or foreign travel, using MyPallay to source artisan textiles from around the world, starting with Bolivia, is easy and cost-effective.

ReinventEd Lab, founded by Keaton Wadzinski (Curry '17), is a nonprofit dedicated to growing Charlottesville's education innovation community.  ReinventED launches projects around the future of school, hosts innovation events to convene passionate people, and prepares community members to creatively solve problems in education.

Respit Solutions, founded by Seth Hooper (Darden Class of 2017) and a team of army veterans, provides a revolutionary approach to managing humanitarian crisis and displaced persons. The Respit System for Displaced Persons (RSDP) is a pre-packaged, scalable solution that cuts relief agency response from an ad hoc 3-4 week timeframe down to a systematic 8-12 hours, while providing displaced persons the ability to stay within their communities without straining existing civil resources or infrastructure.

Rhoback Activewear, founded by Kristina Zambelli (Darden Class of 2017) and Matt Loftus (MBA '16), is a stylish, high-end brand of activewear for men: think Under Armour meets Vineyard Vines. The clothing company is affectionately named after the Rhodesian Ridgeback, a dog known to “crave activity” (Rhoback’s motto).

Scanoptix, founded by UVA faculty member Arjun Dirghangi, MD, is an innovative wireless camera system and software platform which can be adapted to fit existing medical diagnostic instruments to improve the quality of care and radically streamline the use of visual information in patient care, medical education, and telemedicine through elegant design, transforming conventional medical instruments into smart devices.

Seam, founded by high school students Rheisen Dennis and Tyler Cosgrove, is a mobile application that utilizes the advantages of retail shopping to build an online socially inspired clothing marketplace with guaranteed fit, socially driven content, and a fun shopping with friends online experience.

Seniors Connect, founded by high school students Leela Ghaemmaghami and Clara Duffy, aims to increase technology proficiency and use among the older citizens of Charlottesville.  They achieve this goal through tutoring, setting up and troubleshooting computers. Their goal is to help the elderly use technology to enrich their lives, whether it be through communication with their loved ones or keeping track of medical information through an online service.

The Mind Body Project, founded by Erin Henshaw (Col '07), Brittany Dunn, and Alyssa Farrelly, offers mindful health programs for REAL people.  It will facilitate community-oriented, science-backed, positive-learning, smile-inducing, growth-inspiring experiences for individuals, companies and schools.

Totem, founded by P.J. Harris (Law '18) and Kyle Matthews (Col '18),  is a social philanthropy platform (mobile app) that provides users, charities and businesses with an interactive way to raise money and awareness for the causes they care about most. The cornerstone of the platform is a user-driven multimedia feed wherein users form teams and compete to win rewards by posting uplifting and positive content, as well as donating money through our mobile payment processor, in support of a menu of local causes sponsored by local businesses.

Venductivity, founded by Benjamin Chen (MBA '09), provides convenient vending solutions to keep people productive so they can focus on the important things in life. With simple, out-of-the-box solutions and up-to-date products, Venductivity strives to have the products you need where you need them.