2019 i.Lab Companies

BEATDiabetes, founded by Susan Blank (Col ‘95), decreases the burden of Type 2 diabetes through innovative, text message-based patient engagement. Contact:sblank@beatT2diabetes.com

BraveX, founded by William Kodama (Engr’21), Dhyey Parikh (Engr’21), Pranav Sridhar (Engr ’21), and Evan Magnusson (Engr ‘21), is virtual reality simulating real-life physical interactions using biomechanically restrictive augmented/virtual exoskeleton. Contact:wk4ds@virginia.edu

CardBoard Live, founded by Wilson Hunter and James Hsu, is a Twitch for hobby games with a marketplace. If you don't know what that is - Amazon + YouTube with emphasis on live content. Contact:wilson@cardboard.live

Division 1-On-1 Trainers, founded by Jared Vishno (Grad’20) and Grant Sirlin (Grad’20), is the only NCAA-approved platform that connects college athletes to young athletes for in-person personal sports training sessions. Contact:jv5bu@virginia.edu

Dr. Eva SkinCare, founded by Dr. Eva King and Avery Chenoweth (Grad’91), creates products that work with the skin, not against it. The products revolutionize skincare with integrity, empathy, and science. Contact:contact@drevaskincare.com

Flexadyne, founded by Alexa Guittari (Engr’20), Alison Orr, and Peter Apollo, uses precision and technology for athletes to get back to their best by 3D printing custom smart ACL braces. Contact:aag3gd@virginia.edu

Heartbeat, founded by Tomeka Carroll (Engr’22), helps busy, distracted and tired parents feel like they have additional support in remembering their toddler is in the car. Contact:tomekacarroll@yahoo.com

Lotta, founded by Muhammad Ahmad (Com’20) and Naseerullah Khan (Col’20), is a portable bidet that allows users to clean themselves using a familiarly designed product while traveling abroad. Contact:nk5st@virginia.edu

MedLock, founded by Roy Jad (Engr’22), Rishub Handa (Engr’22), and Sahil Parikh (Col’22), combats the opioid crisis by developing a pill dispenser that tracks consumption to enforce regimen adherence and prevent diversion. Contact:rh4gh@virginia.edu

MetaCTF, founded by Roman Bohuk (Engr’20), Jacob Smith (Engr’20), Marina Sanusi (Engr’18), and Mariah Kenny (Engr’19), makes cyber-security education accessible and fun by creating hands-on, interactive, and learning-based competitions and training events. Contact:rbb8yd@virginia.edu

My K-12 Advisor, founded by Carlos Bortoni (Darden/Educ‘19), is an online platform that connects K-12 schools with the companies, nonprofits, and individuals who serve them. Contact:bortonic19@darden.virginia.edu

Northshea, founded by Charity Dinko (Grad’18) and Felix Sam, is an all natural and sustainable Shea butter-based cosmetic line that functions to relieve dry skin while alleviating poverty. Contact:cmaliadinko210@gmail.com

Pingus, founded by Stephen Ramon (Med’21) and Shockley Nunnery (Med’21), is a wearable doppler ultrasound that monitors distal intra operative blood flow and alerts physicians of emerging graft failure. Contact:sgr2ak@virginia.edu

Riley, founded by Elizabeth Tikoyan (Educ’18), is a social network for the disability, ill and caretaker community, connecting people with the same disability and or chronic illness to each other with 1-to-1 connections. Contact:et4jr@virginia.edu

Savvy Sage, founded by Kelly Barnett, is a post death navigational tool created to ensure a credible and safe marketplace for a surviving spouse. Contact:kelly.barnett348@gmail.com

Solène's, founded by Solène De Clippeleir (Col’18), is a food truck that sells sweet and savory French crêpes on UVA Grounds. It offers authentic recipes made with local products. Contact:sad3fb@virginia.edu

Trulli, founded by Amanda Joseph (Darden’19), is a platform to search, share, and build travel plans based on recommendations from the people you trust most: your friends. Contact:josepha19@darden.virginia.edu

Tunari, founded by Mijail Espinoza, is a company that develops software that helps small cities gather and manage data in the waste management field. Contact:espinoza.mijail@gmail.com

UBall, founded by Tim (Grad’21)and Margaret Shields (Grad’20),is a basketball hoop set for beaches and fields that can be packed up into a backpack and assembled into the ground in minutes. Contact:mms8ds@virginia.edu