PAKA nearing $60,000 in Kickstarter campaign- 3x their initial goal!

UPDATE 9/27: PAKA raises close to $110,000 with 26 days still left to go!

i.Lab company PAKA is not just any apparel company; they have a sustainable-impact approach dedicated to improving the lives of the Peruvian women weaving some of the softest and warmest material on earth: alpaca wool. Founder Kris Cody brings this unique material to the global market in his first ever crowdfunding campaign, and since the launch of the Kickstarter on Tuesday, September 19, PAKA has raised nearly $60,000- 3x the initial goal of $20K!  Read more about Kris Cody and PAKA here.

 The public still has 32 days left to back this campaign.  Please click here to support PAKA.